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When guys first see me, they like me because I look so sweet and innocent, just like Apple Pie. You know, that girl you can take home to meet Mom? Once they get to know me they soon find out I’m not that girl their mother warned them about, her imagination was never this good!
I love it when a mans cock gets hard just thinking of me. I’m your sweet Pedo Princess… a standing ovation from your cock is what I deserve right?! *WiNk*
I love that and it’s fucking amazing! Now, enough of the teasing. I know you're already hard for me. It’s about time you get over here and worship my cute hypnotic body with your cock. I have three perfectly trained holes that need some pleasing so bring on the dirty phone sex!
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Call Me at 1-866-985-LOLA (1-866-985-5652)

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Candy Striping Phone Sex

March 6, 2014

I had read that colleges look for volunteer work when accepting new students for admission. So I decided that I would volunteer at our local hospital Candy Striping Phone Sex. At first I didn’t know if they would accept me, because I look really young. I was relieved when they welcomed me with open arms. […]

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Teachers Pet Phone Sex

March 4, 2014

I have always made good grades with Teachers Pet Phone Sex. But this semester there is only ONE thing keeping me from making Honor Roll. Its so important to my Soft Ball career for me to make the grade. So i will do whatever it takes to keep em up. That includes seducing my shrimp […]

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Weekend Fun With Uncle Phone Sex

March 1, 2014

I have the best Weekend Fun With Uncle Phone Sex!!! My parents let him babysit me while my auntie and mommy went out shopping. We had the best time ever, we went outside and played at the playground. Then we came inside for a snack. While I was rummaging through the kitchen pantry, uncle came […]

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Twisted Babysitter Phone Sex

February 24, 2014

I just had a wonderful time with Twisted Babysitter Phone Sex. I love being the twisted little teen every man dreams of! While i was babysitting yesterday, my lil 6 year old friend came down stairs all dressed up. She wanted to be pampered and played with. Boy was i ready to play with her. […]

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Forced Daughter Phone Sex

February 22, 2014

Hi Daddy, I love having Forced Daughter Phone Sex with you! Are you feeling super naughty this weekend and ready for some fun with your horny little baby girl? You know I want it because I run around the house in barely anything while mommy is gone shopping. Seeing my lil undeveloped body has your […]

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Twisted Accomplice Phone Sex

February 19, 2014

A filthy family fun caller found me and he knew I was the perfect teen for Twisted Accomplice Phone Sex. He begged me to help him have forced sex with his wife. He wanted me to extra brutal with her, so I found a cock for each one of her holes. He told me he […]

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Pedo Princess Phone Sex

February 18, 2014

Everyone wants to know if i am good at Pedo Princess Phone Sex! There are a few things that make me better then anyone else. First off my SUPER young voice, with the ability to get as young as you need. We are talking toddler low giggles…. I can squeal and whimper with the best […]

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Ageplay Phone Sex Therapy with Lola

July 29, 2013

Some of my callers are looking for ageplay phone sex therapy. I have an enormous amount of empathy for the pedophiles and incest lovers who call my line because I know exactly what your cravings are. I know how badly you need the touch, the taste, the feeling of a little girl (or boy.) Whether […]

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Wet and Pissy Phone Sex with Lola

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Sometimes I like sex really dirty…like wet and pissy phone sex! Do you want a little girl to squat over your cock and watch the pee dribble out of little pink holes? There’s something about bodily fluids leaking out of my body on to your long hard cock that gets my not-so private parts excited! […]

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Anal Training For Sissys Phone Sex!

July 26, 2013

Seeking little girls for Anal Training for Sissy’s Phone Sex! I love the sissy’s who have the need to be slutty babies for Lola! I have plenty of dildo’s and butt plugs of all shapes and sizes to stretch your sweet ass pussy wide open for me! Or maybe the fake stuff isn’t what you’re […]

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