As we ALL know, Im such a naughty little  dirty slut! *giggles* . I am always sooo horny and love to give little boy blue balls phone sex to all the boys at school! I am forever running around in tiny dresses and short little skirts, bending over and being a little fucking cock tease! The boys ask to feel my tiny puffy tits, and I let them  (of course) .Their cocks get rock hard as I sit on their laps and rub my little bottom up and down their shafts. My cotton panties tickle their balls and make them so fucking horny and hard for me.All day I pick my targets and ask  them to “taste my lip gloss”or tie my shoes while my panties have disappeared for a few stolen moments in the hallway.

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Towards the end of the day, after they have gone to class after class holding a book in front of their errections,  I will  hide in the boys bathroom stall.  I give some of them little postits with the bathroom and time and then I go into the stall and wait. I stand on the toilet so no teachers will see my tiny little slingback sandals and pink painted toes! That would give me away for sure :)My pussy gets so wet knowing I am about to service all these boys who have painfully been waiting for a hot wet hole for release. When they come in, they show me their post it and I give them an A B OR C. Theres corresponding letters to naughty sexual favors that produce hot shooting loads!My mouth and ass and cunt are very busy for a long while and sometimes I have to switch bathrooms if we get caught.  (sometimes theres a line out the door ,which always gets the teachers attention, so I fuck him first! LOL)  Never ever try to get in without a post it. I know who I wanna suck and fuck until they explode with hot creamy jizz for me! I may be blonde, but I am a nasty girl who knows who and what she wants.  Lining up little boy blue balls phone sex to drain is the best way to pass the boring school days:)

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You know how young and tight I am and you need some tight little girl phone sex snuggles :) I know exactly the place for you to slide inside for the sexy wet cunt snuggles that only a preteen blonde  princess can give! So little and very nasty , your Lola will hug and squeeze every inch of your hot fat cock! My pretty pink pussy is so tight and I will bounce and grind that big grown cock into my snughole. I will squeeze it and give it lots of hot hole hugs until you splash youe seed into my teeny tiny slit. My asshole is pink puckeres and snug too! I want you to feel all the ways I can make you feel tight warm places with me.

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I want to be your sexy little lolita. Maybe you need a tiny little hug and smooth skin only a babygirl can give you. I want you to pick me up and wrap me around your waist so I can bounce and have my little arms holding on so I dont slip. Every tiny part of me will snuggle you and make you feel so satisfied! Your little Lola is ready to please 24/7 365. I never say no and will make you feel like your special little girl wants you sooo much! Come get your tight little girl phone sex snuggles from me tonight!

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tia1 phone sex2 198x300 Music Teacher Phone SexI had quite the instrumental time with my newest teacher, this semester! First teacher bang amongst many more to cum inside me this year! He he he. My hand is in my panties again right now, just re-living my Music Teacher Phone Sex.

Oh, my music instructor is a very naughty, nasty man! I wonder how many other female students, like me; know that anyone who dare put their mouth onto any instrument in his class room; Is surely tasting a great many of the campuses hottest whore holes!

He told me of his other conquests, as he slid the first of his flutes into my wet, drippy cunny hole! Oh, it felt amazing, and he played a little tune on the clarinet, before he jammed it deep into my lubed up asshole! His harmonica was his favorite toy, it seemed. Steadily dipping it inside of me, them playing on it with his eyes rolling back into his head in ecstasy, as he stroked his hard, long cock for me!!

Call me now, there is much more to tell, in the conclusion of Music Teacher Phone Sex.


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Music Teacher Phone Sex.

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Join me, and tons more sexy bitches just like me, in our favorite, free, uncensored phone sex chat room, all day, every day! We love when you guys cum play!!!!

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Little Girl Domination Phone SexHave you ever had little girl domination phone sex? I love dominating and humiliation naughty perverts. Today I had a call with Don and he wanted me to really use him. So in my dirty panties I sat and smothered his face *Giggles* He even begged for me to pee in his mouth and who am I to refuse giving a man exactly what he deserves?

I dominated him with strapon play. I made him hold that dildo deep inside him while I rode him like a pony. There are many facets to my personality and if you want me to be a teasing litle bitch, your wish is my command. Call me for little girl domination phone sex and I’ll show you a little lolita takes control.

P.S – Even if being humiliated by a little girl isnt your thing, you should be imagining me sitting my sweet little bottom down on your face ;)

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Daddy’s Cherry Pie on the 4th of July Phone Sex!

4th of July Phonesex


Some of my favorite memories are of me with my Daddy on the 4th of July. Daddy would take me out to the stadium after it got dark and I’d sit on his lap in the grass and watch the fireworks go off. Daddy would put me on his knee and bounce me back and forth, rubbing his cock against my panties.

I was SO little, but I’d get so wet that I’d just start cooing in Daddy’s ear for more. More please Daddy, more, more! So right there in the dark with families all around us Daddy would simply move my panties to the side and work his cock into my bottom and by the end of the show Daddy would explode in me just like the fireworks. He’d move my panties back to the side, straighten my skirt and we’d walk through the stadium with the other families while cum dripped inside my panties.

What are your favorite 4th of July memories?


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Wicked Phone SexIt’s been awhile since I went dark on my blog so I think it’s time to remind my callers about my wicked phone sex side. I’m the immoral slut that will help you rape something tender and tiny, a little girl or even a little boy… I don’t discriminate as long as I can satisfy my cravings.

Sometimes I get too rough with my victims, you understand that don’t you? It’s the compulsive need to watch them hurt that drives you, making you burn with absolute need until you show them the abuse they deserve. I love feeling their bodies writhe in pain underneath me. I love muffling their exhausted cries with my mouth, kissing, tasting, molesting, feeding.

What do I do when I get too rough with my rape toys? I dispose of the evidence in the sick, and oh so sweet, way that only I can. Yesterday, I was told “you’re a legend.” Call me for wicked phone sex and I promise to live up to my reputation.


Little Boy Phone Sex 

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If I say Game of Thrones phone sex, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Is it the Brother/Sister incest? Is it an extremely young sexual addiction? I think we both know you’re thinking of sweet little Arya Stark.

Game of Thrones Phone Sex

How many of you have fantasies about making love to the child sex symbol? How many of you have rape fantasies of making innocent little Arya take it? I do, I do! If you watched the first season I think you have the same fantasies about watching her play with Needle as I do ;)

If you have a game of thrones phone sex fantasy, call me!

P.S – If you just want to exchange nerdy antidotes, that’s fine too ;)

Accomplice Phone Sex

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Are you an little girl sex lover looking for ageplay diaper phone sex? I have many callers who like their little girls REALLY little, sometimes they’re still in diapers and that makes me SO hot!!

Ageplay Diaper Phone Sex

I love the idea of pulling down her tiny diaper and watching it stroke your cock while you *TRY* your hardest to fit your fat cock inside of her. *Giggles* We both know there’s no way your cock is going to fit…. or is it? I’m sure if we put our nasty minds together we can MAKE your cock fit ;)

Call me for ageplay diaper phone sex and tell me your youngest ageplay fantasy!


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How would you like hot girl next door phonesex? If I came over one day with some naughty intentions – the tempting teen tease that you can’t help but find yourself attracted to even though you know she is too young for you.

Girl Next Door PhoneSex

Naughty neighbor phone sex is a great teen phonesex fantasy to roleplay because it just fun and flirty and easy to have fun with and we both know with my special ‘encouragement’ anything’s possible ;)

Call me for hot girl next door phone sex!

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I was asked to write a teen feet phonesex blog for my feet & leg fetish callers. I wear a slim size 7 shoe, with a high arch and long toes..the perfect size for you to play with!

Teen Feet Phonesex

I paint my pretty toes in shades of pink nail polish and french pedicures, and have the most extensive shoe collections. I know you wanna feel my feet and arches slide over your cock and body. I’m waiting for you now, I want to play with my teen feet phonesex clients… Today, I have something EXTRA special for you ;) Call to find out…

Foot fetish Phonesex Fun
Shoe Fetish Phonesex with Teen
Leg Worship Phone Sex Fun
Trampling Fun Phonesex

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